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Adoption of Press Technology in the USA

September 19, 2017

Major plumbing innovations tend to get adopted in waves, much like smartphones or any other technology. First, only the early adopters embrace the...

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How to Build Trust

October 2, 2017

Trust is the oil that lubricates every business transaction. When you buy a product, you trust the catalog or web page to describe it accurately. Y...

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Press, Push or Solder - Which Connection Method is Best for You?

July 11, 2017

Like driving a manual transmission, there will always be situations where soldering is the necessary and preferred method of connections. Yet new t...

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5 Reasons 'Made in the USA' Matters

July 12, 2018


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Be more effective and efficient with press products

October 22, 2018

“Press products” is the general term for valves and fittings assembled by press-fitting copper pipe into a sleeve. The sleeve has an in...

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Does Quality Matter? Benjamin Franklin Thinks So

April 24, 2017

When did you last see a manufacturer claim they sell poor quality products? Probably never. No one admits to poor quality, even though most of us h...

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